EP 080 | More Money For Me with Craig Cody – Part 1

October 1, 2018

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You are master of your own destiny. You are a business owner. Yes, there are risks to making this choice, but there are also rewards. In the first of a two-part conversation we explore ways to make the financial rewards even sweeter, by keeping more cash at the end of each fiscal year.

In this episode we learn:
– it’s critical to have a system for reviewing vital numbers
– that understanding how your marketing dollars are working (or aren’t) is the best way to spend wisely
– why it’s good to watch where your biggest revenue comes from
– a quarterly check-in with your accountant pays real dividends
– to talk to an attorney and your accountant for the most comprehensive advice when it comes to incorporating
– how to use your home office deduction and help pay for that home gym or pool


Take Aways

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Craig Cody is a Certified Tax Coach, Certified Public Accountant, Business Owner and Former New York City Police Officer with 17 years experience on the Force. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant for the past 15 years, he is also a Certified Tax Coach. As a Certified Tax Coach, Craig belongs to a select group of tax practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies to become, as well as remain, certified. With this organization, Craig has co-authored an Amazon best-seller book, Secrets of a Tax-Free Life.


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