EP 096 | Before Business of Design™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy™ with Lesley Myrick

January 21, 2019

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What was it like to work for Kimberley Seldon before she had her systems and procedures in place? In this courageous episode, Kimberley interviews a designer from her past. Someone who used to work for her and is now a member of Business of Design™.

In this episode we learn:

  • track your time in 15-minute increments every day, and bill for every minute
  • develop strong and loyal relationships with your vendors and they’ll come through for you
  • employees prefer money over gifts (gifts don’t pay the bills)
  • ensure your contract clearly explains how you price goods and services so there are no surprises
  • commit to firm dates with clients and stick to them to demonstrate integrity and build trust


Take Aways

If you are new to business or need to relocate here are some tips from Lesley Myrick on how to hit the ground running:

  1. Nothing beats meeting face to face.
  2. Get connected to local media.
  3. Word of mouth referrals are best. However, meet prospective trades in person before you hire them.


Design Intervention

Hire a business coach (Business of Design™!) to fast track your career.

Lesley Myrick is an adventurous, organized, and passionate interior designer in Waco, Texas. She works with smart, cool clients who understand the value of hiring a design professional but are bored with the status quo – they’re looking for someone different, unique, and offbeat. Her mission is to empower people to embrace what they love and bust out of boring. What rocks her world? When a space comes together and her clients are so freakin’ happy they practically want to make out with their new home (That’s not weird, right?).


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