Imagine having Kimberley Seldon and Business of Design™ at your fingertips. Now you can. The BOD™ catalogue includes three volumes of essential learning for interior designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, landscapers, architects and other creative professionals. All three volumes contain invaluable lessons from Kimberley’s 25-year journey to build a fulfilling, prosperous design practice. Implementing the strategies and techniques in the BOD™ books will allow you to satisfy more customers and build a thriving business that supports your ability to do your best work. Finally, here’s how to run your design practice.

Volume 1, Have the Professional Life You’ve Always Wanted, contains the foundation steps for running a lucrative and soul-satisfying design practice. Follow Kimberley’s specific instructions for launching the projects right, getting paid well and keeping clients content. Volume 1 also contains Kimberley’s trade contract, which she calls BOD™ Resource Guide to Excellence.

Volume 2, Make Every Project Satisfying for Both You and Your Client, outlines in details the precise method for running a design business. If you are a creative professional who is tired of haggling over fees and letting client’s take control of projects, Kimberley’s copyrighted process for project management is thoroughly dissected in Volume 2. BOD™ 15 STEP Project Management Strategy™ will change your life. Volumes 1 and 2 are meant to be read in order.

Volume 3, Win the Flat Fee Game is for the design professional— interior designer, decorator, stager, stylist, landscaper, architect and other creative professional who wants to work on a flat fee basis. Do not attempt a flat fee without this book! Volume 3 works in conjunction with Volume 1 & 2.  Treat yourself to the entire series and join the thousands of professionals who follow Kimberley’s professional approach to satisfying clients and creating the business of your dreams and lifestyle you deserve and desire.