EP 126 | Building in Wellness with Allan Lopes – Part 2

August 19, 2019

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About this Episode

We all know design matters and in this two part series with Healthy Building expert, Allan Lopes we’ll discuss key issues that differentiate your services from the competition, while simultaneously promoting health and well-being within your interior design and decorating projects.  Your clients will thank you.

In this episode we learn:

  • bathing water should be filtered for purity, the same way drinking water is
  • reducing electro-magnetic fields in the bedroom is good for sleeping
  • proper air-filtration is vital to health
  • consider an indoor garden or living plants to improve air quality and psychology


Design Intervention

Become irreplaceable. Think of ways to your client, or your market, can’t live without you. Even in crowded markets, if you not only pay attention to your clients’ likes and dislikes, but also consider the deeper needs behind those desires and address them. Clients will be forever loyal to you and competition will not matter anymore.


Take Aways

Every time you get nature out of the equation you get problems. Remove natural air, or water, or light and it’s unhealthy.


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With over 15 years experience in developing holistic building design, Allan Lopes Pires is a Building Biologist specializing in Sick Building Syndrome and Diseases Caused by Building. He is pioneering a new direction in interior design with health at the forefront of building aesthetic. With over a decade of experience consulting for both residential and commercial buildings, Allan has been featured as a guest speaker for universities around the world as a master in “The Art of Well-being” and now focuses his efforts on expanding the mission of Healthy Building Certificate in the U.S. www.hbcertificate.com Instagram: @Hbcertificate

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