EP 164 | Reconsidering Expenses with Lindsay Kjellberg

April 13, 2020

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Now is the perfect time to reconsider everything in your business life. Business of Design™ member, Lindsay Kjellberg suggests a closer look at expenses will help you discover what changes you can make now and in the future. 

In this episode we learn:

  • it’s ok to feel the feelings—grief, sadness, anger
  • categorize expenses into green, yellow and red light
  • block increments of time to devote to business


Design Intervention

Never compare the success of your life at home or in business to other’s social media life. This is VERY important to remember, especially right now!



I am an Interior Designer with a 15 years young business. I have committed to making 2020 the best year ever for my business and am working hard to implement systems and procedures. After finding BOD in 2019, my business and life have changed dramatically. I have 5 children that are 2-12, and like many of you that juggle as a working parent, the rug was swept out from under me 3 weeks ago when their schools and daycare closed.


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