EP 193 | Resilience with Andrew Mitchell

October 27, 2020

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When the hits just keep on coming, resilience allows us to persevere. In this episode, we’ll talk interior design coach, Andrew Mitchell about how to develop and foster resilience through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

In this episode we learn:

  • stop pretending you have your sh*t together and ask for help.
  • seek balance by feeding all areas of your life
  • nurture relationships in your community
  • practice gratitude—start a gratitude journal
  • practice empathy with the people in your life and people you don’t know
  • replace negative self-talk with kind and encouraging words
  • practice mindfulness; be present
  • commit to the above activities and schedule time to practice them in your diary. Positive change comes with equal measure of intention (knowing what you want more of) and attention (applying yourself to make it happen).


Design Intervention

There’s no gain in pretending to have your sh#t together! If you are struggling, ask for help. Know you are not alone, that we all go through rough times.

About Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell is a successful interior designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Having run his business for almost 20 years, he is confident that he has made almost every mistake under the sun (and if he’s honest, still continues to make them!). He set up The Design Coach 2 years ago, born from a love of sharing his many years of industry experience and a passion for empowering designers with the tools to build a successful business. Having struggled with isolation and a heavy case of “Imposter Syndrome” in the early years of his business, Andrew is driven to ensure that designers take the necessary steps to learn the foundations of healthy self-care so that they experience success in all areas of their life, not just their work.

In 2 short years The Design Coach has grown to a worldwide community and plays host to a variety of exciting and educational events including Masterclasses with industry influencers, Design Lab sessions that dissect the design process and hugely successful retreats to Byron Bay on the north coast of NSW, Australia.


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