EP 198 | Social Media is Digital Word of Mouth with Virginie Martocq

December 1, 2020

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There was a time when getting published meant immediate success for the interior design professional. Boy, have things changed! For traction these days, designers need to rely on a variety of media and social media, which is just digital word of mouth.

In this episode we learn:

  • getting published used to be a sign that you’d made it
  • magazines no longer have the authority they once held
  • getting published has a secondary benefit of reminding clients you are active
  • local, community saturation will likely generate new clients

Design Intervention

Price and marketing are the same thing. (Your price is your brand).

Take Away 



About Virginie Martocq

Virginie Martocq grew up in the South of France, where a taste for all things beautiful became firmly ingrained in her psyche. After graduating from McGill University with a degree in Art History, she started down the career path with a job in Sports Marketing (yes, really). It didn’t take long for her to realize she was on the wrong road and to enroll in the Interior Design program at the International Academy of Design. She graduated with high honors and went on to open her own interior design company, which she ran for over 4 years, completing residential projects throughout the Toronto area, in California and the Bahamas.

During this time, she began working with HGTV on several television shows and contributing to Canadian House & Home magazine as a freelancer. Virginie went on to work as design editor at Canadian House & Home for two years before becoming Chatelaine’s home editor, a position she held for eight years. During that time, Virginie also became a regular guest expert on Cityline, as well as a decor expert on Canada AM, The Marilyn Denis show, and guest speaker at shows like the One of a Kind Show and Fall Home Show amongst others.

In 2012, Virginie left the world of design media to work full time on her two passions. One is design, and the other is the successful cookbook self-publishing heritagecookbook.com, a website that allows businesses and individuals to make their own custom cookbooks.

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