EP 208 | Culture of Growth with Andrew Kotchen, hosted by Darci Hether

February 9, 2021

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Set yourself up for success and growth by running your company like a big organization, even if you’re a one-man show. Guest host and BOD™ Member, Darci Hether of New York City, interviews her past employer, Andrew Kotchen of Workshop/APD.

In this episode we learn:

  • Good work gets you good work.
  • How creating systems and procedures to run an office set you up for success.
  • Creating business longevity, planning for the future of your firm
  • How internal operations have changed since COVID—from a logistic standpoint and interpersonal standpoint
  • Recognizing opportunities for growth and strategic pivots
  • lessons from past recessions and how to make changes to avoid financial vulnerability in the future
  • How to create a culture of growth
  • When you surround yourself with great talent, you do great work.


Design Intervention

Take every opportunity in front of you. You never know where it is going to lead.

About Guest Host Darci Hether

Darci Hether is the founder and principal designer at darci hether new york. her goal is to create a space that welcomes you home after a long day, that reflects your cultural experiences and travels, that injects confidence and ease into your every moment.

Working with clients from around the world, she specializes in turn-key homes as well as second and third homes that serve as vacation pied-à-terres and beautiful beach houses in areas like new york citythe hamptonsnantucket, and florida’s 30a region.

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About Andrew Kotchen

For more than two decades, Andrew Kotchen’s distinct aesthetic vision has shaped Workshop/APD’s remarkable portfolio of projects across North America and abroad. Under his leadership, the New York City-based design and architecture firm has expanded to a vertically integrated, 50-person team renowned for luxury residences and ground-breaking multi-family developments including 70 Charlton Street,

Andrew’s work is defined by a distinctive sense of place and purpose, delving into a project’s unique location and history to inform its details at every scale. This site-specific approach yields highly customized spaces across diverse contexts, and provides Andrew and his team with new ideas, sources and inspiration to fuel and evolve the firm’s work.

Andrew is dedicated to supporting educational initiatives and dedicates his time to institutions including the Van Alen Institute and Swim Across America, also serving as a board member for Suffield Academy and the Artists Association of Nantucket. A resident of Irvington, NY and Nantucket, MA, he enjoys sailing, outdoor sports and travel with his wife Emily and children, Grace and William. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lehigh University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan. He has served as a visiting professor at Pratt Institute and is a visiting critic at the New York Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Lehigh University, Parsons School of Design and the University of Michigan.


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