EP 220 | Beyond the Intake Process with Porsche Williams, Hosted by Juliana Oliveira

May 4, 2021

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Turns out the client intake process goes beyond the first phone call in STEP 1 when you are building a business on repeat and referral clients. In this episode, guest host and BOD™ Member, Juliana Oliveira of Beyond Interior Design, interviews an essential member of her team, Porsche Williams of The Prototype, who she recently brought on to manage and nurture her client relationships.

When it comes to your client pipeline, the fortune is in the follow up.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Having systems in place allows the business owner to easily outsource tasks
  • To outsource tasks that do not require your time or expertise
  • Outsourcing frees the business owner up to maximize their creativity and energy in areas that do require their expertise
  • Not being involved “in” the day-to-day operations of the business allows the business owner to see areas where improvements can be made
  • An outside perspective can offer creative solutions to enhance the client experience
  • To recognize what you love to do and what you don’t, and outsource accordingly


Design Intervention

Aligning on the voice of the brand is a lifesaver when you’re growing a team.

Before handing this important piece of the business over to someone, make sure they know your process, your brand voice, your target audience, and your brand personality, this is a major asset and worth investing the time to set up properly.

About Guest Host Juliana Oliveira

With over a decade of experience, Brazilian interior designer and general contractor, Juliana Oliveira, specializes in remodels and interior design for residential and commercial properties. She has a passion for transforming spaces through a design lens of modern luxury with an international influence. At a young age she was inspired by her hometown and family of architects and civil engineers to pursue the design industry. Her journey began while studying architecture, as she was tasked with interior design projects to build her portfolio. When one project finished another one would flow into the queue organically creating Beyond Interior Design. With her determination, creativity and a variety of clients throughout the years – she prides in being a strong, self-made interior designer and businesswoman who doesn’t shy away from any design challenge.


About Porsche Williams

Porsche’s passion for service stems from a long-term career in retail and customer service prior to starting The Prototype, a Lifestyle Management company based in Dallas, TX.  During her career in luxury retail and fashion styling career, she traveled across the U.S. opening new locations and training store teams on stellar service, products, POS systems and creating memorable looks for fashion editorials and events.  After 15+ years in retail and fashion, she knew she wasn’t alone in feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do #allthethings, so she created The Prototype to help busy professionals, entrepreneurial executives, and community leaders manage their everyday lives with a mission to give them more time and less stress. The Prototype is able to alleviate stress by tackling their client’s to-do list with personal and business concierge services.


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