EP 265 | Expect Delays with Allison Andrew-Harris

March 22, 2022

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2020 and 2021 kept most of us home for extended periods of time. The benefit of all this has been an increased appreciation for the comforts of home (or lack thereof). The result of this new or greater awareness is that many are now willing to invest more into creating comfortable homes that support a happier, healthier lifestyle. That’s great news for the interior design professional, but it’s not without its challenges. Supply chain issues and the resulting delays are frustrating, but they can be managed more effectively by relying on A-Team suppliers and vendors.

In this episode we learn:

  • help your suppliers by providing drawings, inspiration photos and as much detail as possible
  • provide max and min dimensions to assist with sourcing
  • provide project budget where possible
  • identify rush jobs up front
  • prepare clients for ongoing supply chain issues



Make sure you are passionate about your work. It feels less like work every day if you love what you do. If you find that you’re lacking passion or drive, pivot until you find the right fit for you. You are your home, after all!

About Allison Andrew-Harris

Allison Andrew-Harris is Co-owner and Director of Designer + Trade at CF Interiors. She is no stranger to the furniture game. In 1979, her father opened a furniture store in Vancouver, where Allison worked as a teen. Allison now oversees the design and trade division of the company, ensuring interior designers across Canada have the tools they need to source furniture and lighting easily. Outside of work, Allison can be found outdoors, on a run in the woods or on her skis!


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