EP 279 | Fix the Foundation with Brooke Aitken – Part 2

June 28, 2022

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BOD™ member, Brooke Aitken has some questions about how the main teachings of Business of Design™ apply to her business, as an architect rather than an interior designer. While Broke says BOD™ stopped her from throwing the towel in and gave her renewed hope for her business, she still has lots of ambition and is looking for the next push.

In this episode we learn:

  • keep your contract simple enough for anyone to understand it
  • don’t compromise on quality or principles
  • avoid giving clients homework; you work for them, not the other way around
  • tighten the timeline from BOD™ STEP 1-5 for real success



Joining BOD™ was the best piece of advice (from KS on a podcast) because it gave me an instant connection to a global think tank of BOD™ members. I quickly realized that being in the BOD™ community is raising the profile and lives of all interior design professionals across the world. The more we teach our clients the nature of our process and how it should be commensurately paid, the more we are globally redefining the nature of interior /archi design. #thepowerofmanywithasingularvision

About Brooke Aitken

Brooke is both a Registered Architect and Interior Designer and her firm is based on the combination of both practices to create seamless designs from the external-in and internal-out. Her award-winning practice, widely published across the world, currently consists of 8 female architects and designers working both in Australia and California. She has recently launched a homewares company Rill & Stone with her first luxury rug collection collaboration with Tsar Carpets internationally.


Brooke recently launched a homewares business (www.rillandstone.com) with a has rug collection “Passage” in collaboration with Tsar Carpets and has a new book by Booq Publishing, “House Stories Old Vs New” which is available through Rizzoli bookstore.

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