EP 278 | 1 P&L, 3 Ways with Danielle Hayden

June 21, 2022

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It’s time to earn a healthy living and set aside money for your own personal wealth. That should be the goal for any business owner—yup, even you. It’s time to put aside the stories we tell ourselves to justify our decisions around money. In this episode we talk to Danielle Hayden, CEO of Kickstart Accounting, to learn how and when to start investing for your future. 

In this episode we learn:

  • revenue is a vanity metric
  • there are key metrics to look at when reviewing your P&L
  • how often you should be looking at the numbers
  • you need to look backwards to plan ahead
  • understand the season of your business—is it a slow time, or you spent a lot of money in marketing recently
  • you can’t just wait for the right time; start investing from day one
  • you don’t have to go big to get started, small things matter
  • nobody wins from you playing small
  • you don’t need to wear all the hats



Ask for help. Whatever is draining your energy today, it’s time to get help. Build a team, then get out of your team’s way so they can be great. You’ll get energy back that you can put back into your business.



BOD™ Program | Money Mindset, Expertise, Value

BOD™ Program | Salary, Revenue, Profit, Wealth

About Danielle Hayden

Danielle Hayden is a reformed corporate CFO who is on a mission to help rule-breaking female entrepreneurs understand their numbers so they can gain the confidence needed to create sustainable profits. After spending 10+ years in the boardroom as a corporate finance officer, Danielle is now in her sweet spot as the CEO of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. where she helps business owners with bookkeeping, financial analysis, and education and as the author of the Profit Planner book series.


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