EP 281 | Hiring is a Project with Shelli Warren

July 12, 2022

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Many design business owners are great at their area of expertise and have grown their business to the point that they need a team, but not just any team. Your next best hire will change everything.  Since hiring is a project, we break it down so you can do it correctly from the start.

In this episode we learn:

  • attracting great people starts with targeted marketing strategies to position your job openings as compelling
  • it’s ok to repel people who are not a fit
  • interviewing is an easy conversation when you have proven questions that invite storytelling
  • selecting your newest team member is a decision point that affects the whole team, don’t make it alone
  • onboarding new people requires its own set of protocols



The people closest to the work, know the most about the work. So why not trust people to do what you hired them to do? At the same time, you’ll be getting some relief from the heaviness of decision fatigue, and they’ll be feeling great about their impact on the business.

About Shelli Warren

Shelli Warren is a team and leadership coach and the host of the podcast, Stacking Your Team. At BizChix Inc. she leverages her extensive experience leading projects and people at Procter & Gamble Inc. to help small business owners to hire, fire, and inspire an incredible team of high performers. Shelli is also known for her teaching style, her ability to connect with anyone and say the right thing in delicate situations. She lives in Canada where she loves her Flow Fridays.


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