EP 295 | Code Red for Water with Laura Kohler

October 18, 2022

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Design has an obligation to be responsive to the challenges facing the world: aging in place, environmental sustainability, inclusion, urbanization, health, and wellbeing. In this episode, we’ll hear how we can impact the choices our clients make and why that’s more important than ever.

In this episode we learn:

  • the goal is to design for compact spaces that conserve water, provide a habitat for plants and animals, keep temperatures cool, and improve air quality and livability
  • how the places, spaces, and environments we design seamlessly support diverse activities and the intersection of work and home
  • steps design professionals can take to address environmental issues



It’s time to reset our thinking to learn and grow.
It’s time to reset our workplace experience to thrive.
It’s time to reset our shared purpose to win.


About Laura Kohler

Laura Kohler is a business leader who’s passionate about driving purposeful change—a leader of one of the oldest and largest privately held companies in America, Laura maintains the long-standing values of Kohler Co., while bringing an evolved sense of social consciousness and people leadership to the forefront. In her unique capacity, she fuses people and purpose leadership while fostering a culture of innovation in product design.


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