EP 298 | Connecting the Industry with Marla Baker

November 8, 2022

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Connecting with like-minded design professionals at industry events is a great way to build a support network as well as elevate your business by building relationships with the luxury brands and services that help make these events possible. Marla Baker is a recognized Design Community Advocate who works to connect designer with the brands, events, educational seminars and conferences that provide so many opportunities to them and their businesses.

In this episode we learn:

  • the importance of attending in person events
  • don’t be afraid to promote yourself
  • if you want to speak at events, start by attending
  • how to build confidence whether you’re looking to network or get on stage as a speaker
  • to ask for help and share candidly to connect with like-minded designers



Learn how to say no – to be able to pick the right clients, jobs and opportunities.

In a crisis, don’t over communicate it always complicates things.


About Marla Baker

Marla Baker is a Business Development Specialist and recognized Design Community Advocate with a large network and following. Known as a matchmaker in the Industry Marla connects the Design Industry with the brands, events, educational seminars and conferences that are meaningful to them.

Marla has key, long standing relationships in the Design Industry. Marla also has extensive knowledge and connections with trade shows, associations, events and conferences.


Instagram | @bakermarla


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