EP 313 | Focus Driven Productivity with Angela Kristen Taylor

February 28, 2023

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There is a definite connection between emotions and productivity. To avoid overwhelm, it’s important to understand and utilize the four elements of productivity: emotion, energy, time, focus.

In this episode we learn:

  • replace means goals (the things that get you what want, like $$$) with end goals (the results you want to experience)
  • time management issues come from not focusing on the right goal
  • lack of energy/inconsistent energy occurs when we create a negative emotionally based cycle that keeps us from eating well, sleeping well, and moving your body consistently
  • our perceptions of childhood experiences and the voices of authority figures create negative stories that stick with us and block us from fully exploring and boldly going after our dreams
  • when we identify our true focus, we can use that to allocate how we want to spend our time



Don’t build your business on what you think you “should” do. Go after what lights you up and follow that passion. It’s speaking to you for a reason.

About Angela Kristen Taylor

As a productivity coach, writer and speaker, Angela serves as a transformational catalyst to business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. Angela’s signature method, Productive Flow, integrates emotion, energy, time and focus to help clients create natural productive flow and achieve higher levels of success in business and more importantly, in life

Website | www.angelakristentaylor.com

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Instagram | productiveflow

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