EP 329 | Designing Your Future with Robin Wycherley

June 20, 2023

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Auditing past projects and understanding how you spend your time and where you put your attention is a first step toward self-awareness as a business owner. Without that, it’s difficult to create a business that is in harmony with personal goals. With discipline and intention, it’s possible to design the business you’ve always dreamed of owning.

In this episode we learn:

  • being self-aware is essential, if you plan to succeed
  • auditing your past projects reveals how you spend your time and where you put your attention
  • without focus, we are in danger of having our workday slip away
  • block time to develop your business
  • 9- minute blocks of time are ideal for focus
  • say ‘no’ to everything that distracts you from your mission



Turn apparent weaknesses into unique strengths. As an outsider in Finland, I avoided competing with locals by becoming the go-to expert for global corporate real estate teams seeking support in the region. Bridging the gap between local teams and those handling real estate, branding, and marketing outside of Finland, my unique role cannot be replicated by local designers. A valuable lesson learned from Arnold that propelled my success.

About Robin Wycherley

Robin Wycherley is a highly successful interior architect and founder of Itu Design, a commercial office design company based in Helsinki, Finland. Itu Design, despite being a small boutique agency, has managed to attract leading global corporations, thanks to Robin’s expertise and unique approach. Robin describes Itu Design as a ‘lifestyle business,’ which allows him to control his time, be present with his family, and enjoy nature, while also packing a punch in the corporate world.


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