EP 335 | Give & Take with Mary Lou & Marc Fulson

August 1, 2023

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Having a business partner sounds like heaven to most solo-preneurs. In this episode, we hear from a husband-and-wife team, who use give and take to create a seamless experience for their ideal clients.

In this episode we learn:

  • increase your service and you increase your net worth
  • professional design is not for everyone, not every client is ideal
  • get a clear understanding of how your business makes money
  • taking the wrong client has consequences
  • communicate your value by using business language like ROI, LTV, CAC, TAM, SAM, EBITDA
  • part of any design job is to be empathic to your customers’ needs
  • be future focused, keep your eye on the horizon
  • never let clients dictate your process



Don’t DIY! You are either making money or paying to learn. Paying could be in time, money, loss of revenue, opportunity cost etc. This is advice is for us, as well as our clients. Hire the mentors and teammates you need; don’t get the cheap option. Just like our clients are paying for our knowledge, experience, network, and time; invest in the professionals that will help you create better businesses and reach your goals more expeditiously.

About Mary Lou & Marc Fulson

Fulson & Company is a boutique, family owned and operated, interior design company servicing the Colorado area and beyond. We love to create experiences through elegant style, quality materials and timeless design. Our partnership consists of Mary Lou, as the principal designer and Marc, as the business support. Together they raise their four boys, and they are starting this new endeavor together after Marc’s 20 year career in the Air Force.


 Instagram | @Fulson.company @marcfulson


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