EP 341 | Get Ideal Clients from Instagram with Darla Powell

September 12, 2023

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If you want to gain more from Instagram than praise from fellow designers, than you have to get intentional. Your ideal client is likely online and looking for you. Have you peppered your feed with the kind of information that she’s looking for? SEO and UX expert, Darla Powell, says anyone can create a compelling message and reach their ideal clients.

In this episode we learn:

  • optimize your user handle and name on your Instagram account
  • grow your account with proactive engagement
  • engage with suppliers and vendors if your clients are doing the same
  • growing an online presence is a long-game
  • authenticity will attract your ideal clients



Delegate outside your zone of genius. Gay Hendricks – The Big Leap



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About Darla Powell

Darla Powell is more than just an award-winning interior designer, podcast host, social media speaker, and former police detective. She’s also an adept unraveler of marketing secrets. Her down-to-earth style delivers smart, actionable information that’s relevant to real business owners—because she is one.


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