EP 340 | Do More with Lighting with Joe Borress

September 5, 2023

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It’s all too evident that many professionals within the design industry are out of step with the latest technology available in the lighting category. Too many decisions about lighting come down to, “that’s just how we’ve always done it”. Designing your lighting plan early and consulting a lighting expert is the most effective way to enhance the quality interior design scheme you created.

In this episode we learn:

  • how to bring technology into the home without it looking industrial or institutional
  • your lighting drawing from 2023 should not look exactly like your lighting drawing from 1985
  • design early to accommodate everything on the client’s wish list
  • create lighting scenes for the best impact
  • a light fixture costs more because it is a better functioning
  • verify lead times and stick to realistic schedules



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About Joe Borress

Joe Borress is the Founder of Tri Star Electric & Automation, a full-service lighting, electrical, home automation design and consulting firm for the ultra-luxury residential market. He has created exceptional lifestyle-driven experiences in some of the most beautiful homes in the Country. Joe is on a mission to make electrical, technology, and lighting design a priority instead of an afterthought.


Instagram | www.instagram.com/tristarelectricandautomation

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