EP 350 | Innovate with Joanne Swisterski

November 14, 2023

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Innovators see challenges as opportunities. That’s what our guest today, designer Joanne Swisterski tells us. When there is a problem that can’t be solved, she does a deep dive and sets out to create solutions or at least, workarounds. These solutions can range from small daily tasks that can be MacGyver-ed into submission, to huge challenges that, once solved, turn into new business opportunities. Are you an innovator?

In this episode we learn:

  • if someone else is capable of doing it, so are you
  • nothing will get done if you wait for someone else to do it
  • the sooner something you find intimidating is demystified, the more empowered you’ll feel
  • hire a specialist for each task
  • before you buy a new software, check out the comments on reddit



‘Bird by Bird’ – It basically means ‘one step at a time.’ It’s the title of a book, and the author tells a brief story about her brother being in distress when he fell behind on a school project, which was to do a summary on one bird a day during summer break. She overheard his dad one day telling him, it’s alright, you can catch up. Just go bird by bird.

Now, whenever a task seems daunting or overwhelming, or infuriatingly repetitive, I just tell myself ‘bird by bird.’

About Joanne Swisterski

Some people were just meant to create. Joanne Swisterski is one of them. From designing interiors to creating art and developing digital rulers, there’s no idea that can’t be turned into a reality, if Joanne has anything to do with it.

Having graduated from interior design school in 2007, Joanne spent 11 years working for companies in Toronto that specialize in high-end residential and hospitality interiors, before switching gears to starting her own interior design business.


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Instagram | swisterski_design

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