EP 005 | The Drawing Package with Victoria Drainville


About this Episode

As interior design professionals, most of us have big ideas, and frequently we can visualize those concepts long before they are realized. However, clients aren’t typically able to do that. To sell our design ideas and concepts to clients we must be able to show them what we’re thinking. A solid drawing package does just that.
In this episode we learn:
– what elements make up a thorough drawing package
– how a disclaimer can protect you and your business
– what clients do and don’t need to see
– who decides what drawings are required
– why billable hours for drawings are worthwhile
– why negotiating fees with clients is a very bad idea

Show Notes

1:02  |  What’s in this episode
3:09  |  We LOVE our sponsor
4:43  |  Why we need drawings
6:40  |  Drawings plus reassurance, what the client needs
8:15  |  What the client needs to see
10:27  |  Not all firms/systems are created equal
12:20  |  A thorough presentation means clients can step back and allow you to work
13:00  |  A lack of systems and protocols creates chaos
14:13  |  Description of a tracking form and what it does
15:36  |  Disclaimers and why you need them
21:45  |  Take lots of photographs
22:50  |  Gauging the time it takes to do a drawing
24:40  |  Occasionally, the designer can’t make the client happy
25:38  |  Fees are not negotiable
28:42  |  Presenting drawings in a specific order
30:35  |  Romancing the description of the new space
31:57  |  When to do a second option
35:42  |  Outsourcing tasks, billing tasks to clients
36:11  |  The employee’s perspective on getting billed to clients at higher rate

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Meet Victoria Drainville

Victoria manages full residential projects as a Designer for Tara Fingold Interiors. She assists the principal designer by sourcing, producing floor plans, creating presentations and meeting directly with clients, suppliers and trades.

For over 5 years, Victoria was the Executive Editor and Art Director of Dabble Magazine, managing features, working with international designers on home tours and designing sets and layouts.

Victoria styled Home Day sets for Kimberley Seldon’s appearances on CityTV’s Cityline.

[email protected]

Take Aways

Victoria is available on an hourly basis to do drawing packages (RCPs, furniture plans and millwork elevations in AutoCAD) as well as graphic design using Photoshop and InDesign.
For more information, contact Victoria: [email protected]

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