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Role-playing is one of the most effective tools for increasing your confidence. By having rote answers that you’ve rehearsed and memorized, you can answer questions that sometimes feel intimidating. In this episode, BOD member, Michelle Binette, turns the tables on Kimberley by asking typical client questions. Some of the answers may surprise you.
In this episode we learn:
– when a potential client phones, sell the consultation, not the project
– how to prevent clients who do not have a sufficient budget from calling, or to prompt them to increase the budget once they do call
– how to ask clients for the job
– how to say no to the wrong client/project
– a reasonable amount to charge with a living room decorating project
– why it’s important to read your contract to the client (line by line!)

Take Aways

Consider a short and powerful coaching session to boost confidence during your initial call with clients: Sales and Design Consultation Training with Aysun Kuck. Find out more…

Design Intervention

Consider role-playing to gain confidence in dealing with client questions.

Meet Michelle Binette

Interior decorator, Michelle Binette of Michelle Binette Design, is best known for her down-to-earth attitude and fun client experience. She specializes in decorating projects, offering customized packages ranging from designs clients can execute on their own to full service where clients don’t have to lift a finger.

In 2016 Michelle transitioned to interior decorator after a 15-year marketing career, which is where her attention to client satisfaction is rooted. Decorating can be overwhelming and stressful, but Michelle’s rare ability to blend creativity and a systematic approach ensures the journey is one clients enjoy.

Michelle has worked on countless residential projects and been featured in Design*Sponge and Rue Magazine. When she’s not changing the world one throw pillow at a time, you can find her listening to a podcast or catching up on reality TV.

Michelle recently launched a podcast called ‘Business Homies’ where she shares her experiences and picks the brain of designers, decorators and industry experts so she can level up her business (and yours!).

You can learn more about Michelle at michellebinette.com.

Michelle is coming back on for a quick hit one month from now and she’s going to describe what happens when she reads the contract line by line. I cannot wait for that!

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  • Faith Sheridan

    Many thoughts after listening to this episode today. Some very good language from KS for future interactions.

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