BOD™ CONTRACT | Trade Partner Agreement

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Every design practice, from sole proprietorship to multi-employee operation relies on the experience, strength and talent of others to complete even the smallest projects. Professional trades, contractors, suppliers, artisans, manufacturers and vendors allow you to consistently deliver on your brand promise, satisfying clients, increasing profitability and growing your reputation.

BOD™ Trade Partner Agreement is a contract between you and the talented professionals who work on your projects. BOD™ Trade Partner Agreement contains approved standard procedures, a guide to appropriate jobsite behavior and preferred pricing arrangements.

BOD™ Trade Partner Agreement:

  • reduces project stress and jobsite chaos
  • provides clients with assurances that you are managing the jobsite even when you are not present
  • provides the structure required to meet your exacting standards
  • ensures projects are completed to your satisfaction
  • increases onsite satisfaction for you and your clients
  • eliminates client inconveniences
  • broadcasts corporate policies and acceptable standards of behavior
  • provides preferred pricing agreements

And so much more.

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BOD™ Trade Partner Agreement was developed by an interior design professional and honed over a 25-year career, working full-time with real clients, real budgets, real staff and real trades.

BOD™ Trade Partner Agreement is delivered to you in PDF format. In addition, it comes with an instructional video explaining the benefits of the content and how to best use an Operations Manual in your business.

DISCLAIMER: Business of Design™ offers no legal advice and you should meet with a professional lawyer to review any contract or procedure, to ensure you are operating within your local and federal laws. which you can use, which is editable.

REFUND POLICY: This contract is considered a digital product and cannot be refunded or exchanged with other contracts for any reason. As a digital project, you gain immediate access to download upon purchase. Any refund requests related to user error (such as not fully reading a product’s description) or simply not wanting the contract anymore do not warrant a refund.