BOD™ Hiring Process

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Finding the elusive “perfect” hire takes real effort, and usually at a time when you are already overwhelmed. By breaking the hiring tasks into a manageable process, it’s possible to create a systematic approach that will lead to the right candidate. 

This course will show you how:

  • effective hiring begins long before you interview someone
  • hiring protocols are a lifesaver
  • new hire protocols pave the way for successful integration
  • clear, concise procedures make your office a desirable place to work
  • an autonomous role fosters long-time employees

LENGTH | 40 minutes

ACCESS | 30-days from date of purchase

INCLUDES | BOD™ Employment Contract, Application, and sample job descriptions.

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BOD™ Hiring Process was developed by an interior design professional, just like you, and honed over a 30-year career, working full-time with real clients, real budgets and real staff. It contains a PDF copy of Kimberley’s employment contract, used for staffing in Ontario, Canada. In addition, it comes with instructional videos explaining the full hiring process, a copy of KSDG’s employment application and sample job description.

DISCLAIMER: Business of Design® offers no legal advice and you should meet with a professional lawyer to review any contract or procedure, to ensure you are operating within your local and federal laws.

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