WEBINAR | Key Financial Aspects if the Economy takes a Downturn

$395.00 USD

GUEST EXPERT | Julia Nikishina of New Age Financial Consulting LLC

WHEN | Thursday, June 22, 2023 @ 12pm EST

PRICE | $395 Regular / $295 Member Pricing (Save $100)

In light of the changing economy, Business of Design® presents a 2-hour webinar featuring Julia Nikishina of New Age Financial Consulting LLC, hosted by Kimberley Seldon. We’ll look at the key financial aspects to consider and plan for in the event the economy takes a downtown.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • how to evaluate employees if you need to reduce staff
  • contract labor vs employee – what are the rules (US focused)
  • product margins and vendor relationships – what they mean and how to grow them
  • additional revenue streams
  • how to read your financial statement
  • reducing overhead costs

This 2-hour webinar is followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

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Webinar recording will be made available following the live event. If you are unable to attend, please email Cheryl Horne at [email protected] after purchasing your ticket if you have any questions you would like asked on your behalf during the live presentation.

CANCELLATION POLICY: This webinar is cannot be refunded or exchanged with other courses / webinars for any reason. As it will be made available as a digital product following the live event, a change in schedule is not a valid reason for cancellation. Any refund requests related to user error (such as not fully reading a product’s description) or simply not wanting the product anymore do not warrant a refund.