Operations & Implementation Coaching | 1 Hour Session

$395.00 USD

$395 Regular | $295 BOD™ Member Price

We know it’s hard to take time away from working in your business to work on your business. And, as the CEO of your design firm, it feels like you’re wearing all the hats. It’s hard to get excited about systems and prioritizing the time it takes to implement them when there are creative tasks to be done. This is your opportunity to consult with a Fractional Operations Manager to get the support, direction, and accountability you need to implement the systems that will take your business to the next level.

Cheryl Horne, Director of Operations for Business of Design®, can provide direction and insights on the systems and strategies contained within the BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy and complete BOD™ Business Model programs.

Use this one-hour session to:

  • clarify the systems and procedures you are struggling with and find solutions
  • strategize what and how to delegate to team members
  • learn best practices for implementing systems, boundaries, and protocols
  • review and enhance forms and documents that you’ve customized for your design firm

Schedule a 1-hour coaching session and enjoy the immediate results that follow.

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Cheryl Horne is Director of Operations for Business of Design®. She began with the company in 2007, working directly with Kimberley Seldon running live educational workshops and events for design professionals across Canada and the US. She was instrumental in moving Business of Design® training online in 2012, and now manages the international online membership platform and provides direction for the overall business strategy.

Through Business of Design®, Cheryl has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of design professionals around the world. Her business background, combined with her years of experience with the Business of Design® 15 Step Project Management Strategy has equipped Cheryl with the tools needed to provide excellent guidance on the implementation of various Business of Design®’s systems and strategies and best practices for business operations.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Trent University and a background in Business Development, Finance, and Project Management. As an independent contractor, Cheryl works with entrepreneurs as a Fractional Business Development Manager, providing online business management, strategy, and website support services.

How do you schedule your first call?

When you purchase productivity and leader coaching, a member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule your coaching call, verifying your time zone, and confirm the preferred phone number for the call.

Changes and Cancellation.

Life happens. We understand. If you need to reschedule the appointment, it’s easy to do with advance notice – please provide 3 business days. Missing an appointment without notice or cancelling with less than 3 days business time is considered a forfeit of the appointment.

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