VOLUME 3: Win the Flat Fee Game

$99.95 USD

HOW TO WIN THE FLAT FEE GAME is the third volume in a series of instructional books created just for you, the practicing design professional. This volume is a specific guide to building a flat fee proposal that works for you and your clients.

Although I’ve been using (successfully!) the 15 Step Project Management Strategy for hourly fee contracts for more than 15 years, it’s taken a decade to create the same success with a flat fee method of billing. Those of you who are currently using the 15 Steps will be pleased to discover you’ll enjoy the same precision and order with this new method. You’re not starting over. You’re just adding flat fee proposals to your tool kit.


  • The 15 STEP Project Management Strategy fully adapted for use with flat fee contracts. Building on the foundation of the Business of Design™ model, you’ll discover a new way of charging for your services using the existing, proven structure that works.
  • Confidence. You are no longer alone. We’ll identify and resolve the problems and challenges that so many of us face when it comes to determining a flat fee for our services.
  • New estimation methods to ensure your flat fee contract won’t leave you flat broke. Whether you’re charging by the hour or using a fixed fee method of billing—you deserve to be fairly compensated for your expertise.
  • Designer Math. Learn effective formulas for calculating a fixed fee.
  • How to modify your existing Business of Design™ hourly contract so it works for fixed or flat fee projects.

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