EP 124 | Design Intervention BOD™ is 15 with Kimberley Seldon

Interior design professionals are frequently lauded in the media for the results we achieve. Too often though, how we achieve those results is relegated to the editing room floor. It seems we can’t rely on television reality shows, glossy magazines or social media influencers to tell our story. It’s a hero’s journey and it’s time we advocate for ourselves.

EP 101 | One Less Problem Without Ya

In this solo episode Kimberley shares a recent experience where breaking her own rules turned out to be the worst possible choice. A choice that resulted in the loss of a project and lessons learned (again).

EP 100 | Adam Scougall’s Journey to Full-Time Designer

Sydney designer Adam Scougall did what so many budding designers have dreamed about—he made the transition from the corporate world into a full-time design career. Yay!! Adam shares his insights as a business owner before and after implementing Business of Design’s 15 Step Project Management Strategy.

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