Thank you for all you do in the community.

I have been a member for over a month and I’ve already drank the kool-aid and implemented the 15 steps, read your first book, and watched a ton of videos. Thank you for all you do in the community. You have inspired me to become much more active in the Florida ASID and IIDA groups […]

This has been a game changer for me!

I am putting what I learned to the test! While I love what I do, I must also be profitable (which is NOT a dirty word). Since becoming a BOD member, listening to the podcast & reading Kimberley Seldon’s books have been a game changer for me. Think of it as earning a PhD. If you […]

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I am on vacation and I brought the Business of Design™ books with me for a re-read. I read them years ago but am loving the podcasts so much I thought I would do a re-read of the books. I glean so much valuable information from the podcasts and books. AND more than anything I […]

This has been absolutely invaluable to my ability to grow my practice.

I’ve been incredibly inspired and empowered by both the BOD webinars and Kimberley’s book (Vol 3). I’ve kept the book with me at all times since I got it, often just to read certain passages to give me the motivation and courage to keep steering my business in the right direction. I’m also amazed at […]

Money well spent!

I love the books, I can’t even express how helpful the info is. I’m almost done volume 1 and have peeked into volume 2 as well. Money well spent! Once I’m done, I will look at signing up for the membership. I’m glad to see that someone has gone through many of the same struggles as […]

Thank you for everything!

In a field where many “colleagues” are extremely competitive & secretive, Kimberley Seldon is a huge breath of fresh air! She has very generously taken the time to spell out step by step, in deep, super specific detail, how to run a successful design business! Even if you have many years of experience and great training, […]

I recommend BOD to every designer I can.

I read the BOD books within the first 6 months of starting my decorating business and the techniques for running a business that I learned have been priceless. Being a new solo business owner was scary and finding all of the answers to my questions was not easy until I discovered Kimberly and BOD! I […]

The information has made great changes!

I have been to 2 of Kimberly’s 1-hour seminars and although it is the same message I walked away with information each time that I was able to implement into my business the next day and increased my bottom line. I own both of her books and the information has made great changes for the […]

So much valuable information.

Any designer who wants to improve their business should check out Business of Design™. Kimberly offers great solutions that are implantable.  The Business of Design™ Volumes 1 and 2 are a must read!  There is so much valuable information in them.

I cannot wait to take all of these courses!

Business of Design™ is giving me the tools I need to eliminate the chaos of running my own business. I adopted many of Kimberley’s ideas after hearing her speak in Las Vegas during the Summer Market 2014. Recently I found I needed to go even further than what I learned in Vegas and in her […]

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