Kimberly is terrific!!

Green Door Interiors - United States of America

This podcast is like having a personal business coach! She is amazing, insightful, practical, and brilliant. A huge help for any designer at any stage!

Continued Education

Penno Interiors - United States of America

Kimberley leaves no stone unturned. Thank you for your transparency and for sharing your experience with your design peers around the world so we can further our knowledge!

Has Helped Me I️mmensely

Jcl89 - United States of America

I have a brand new interior design business and this podcast has been so insightful and so helpful in helping me run my business. Kimberley Seldon is so amazing!

Great podcast for Interior Design Professionals

Marina V. - United States of America

Tons of great advice and valuable topics discussed on this podcast. Very relevant discussions in the world of Interior Design Business. I recommend it highly especially to those who are working on their own.

More than a podcast!!!

Emerald House Design - United States of America

This is the class that I was missing in design school! Kimberley is honest and open and her experience is changing my business tremendously!! I can’t thank her and her team enough!!!!! I’m seriously taking notes!!

So helpful! Can’t get enough.

Nuricita - Great Britain

I came across this Podcast not long ago and I cannot stop listening!! I am new in the Interior Design business, as before I was mainly doing it as a hobby. I just needed some perspective and how to gain the confidence to value myself and my work. Kimberly’s topics are spot on and I love how much information there is here on the how, what, when, how much of the ID business. Essential for anyone looking for info that is just not available anywhere, at least not like this. Thanks, Kimberley!

Love BOD Podcast!

Mstaniafaria - Canada

I can’t remember how I came about finding this podcast, but all I can say is wow and thank you to Kimberley for creating this. I take away such valuable information and actionable advice from each show. There have been lots of ah-ha moments for me. Love Kimberley, her guests and the content shared!

A Valuable Resource!

Terravisitadesigner - United States of America

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tools with other designers. You have provided such a powerful place for a designer to go to feel empowered and unified.

I’ve learned an incredible amount in the time I’ve been listening!

Qwertujb - United States of America

Kimberley has a wealth of knowledge about the design industry and is so open to sharing it and educating others. Her guests are excellent and every interview has been informative and educational. I’ve learned an incredible amount in the time I’ve been listening!

Team BOD™ is so well respected in this industry

Sara Keeling - Toronto, ON

Business of Design™ has changed my world and really helped me focus not only on how to run a business but also about my WHY! Whenever we use Kimberley’s name the doors just fly open to us all – Team BOD™ is so well respected in this industry and we hope that we do you all proud!