Thanks for everything you do at BOD™

Jodie Carter - Sydney, Australia

Thanks for everything you do at BOD™. You are all the most incredible people and like angels sent from heaven to all of the interior designers in the world!!

Really impressed with the value

Fiona Jack - Victoria, Australia

I am really impressed with the value I’m getting from my membership. Not only the boot camp and recovery process but all the courses. There’s a lot of people out there with a lot less experience charging a lot more for their advice.

BOD™, you changed my life

Deborah Hayden - Nashville, Tennessee

BOD™, you changed my life. I paid for three months’ coaching and used what I learned to triple my profitability. What I am like now, in January, is like night and day from the life I had in November.

I’ve found my people!

Jennifer Verruto - San Diego, California

I’m brand new to Business of Design as of 2 weeks ago. I’ve been in business for 7 years and it finally feels like I’ve found my people!

There is still so much to learn

Kirsten McCoy - Wayne, Pennsylvania

I got so much out of this conference! As a practicing designer for over 15 years there is still so much to learn. Besides the thorough content provided by Kimberley and her terrific team, the opportunity to meet and share best practices with fellow seasoned BOD designers from around the country was so energizing and inspiring. I connected with so many new design friends and plan on keeping up these relationships through our shared passion for BOD!

Move forward into 2020 with fierce confidence

Sara Keeling - Toronto, Ontario

Thank you BOD™. To everyone in Our BOD Toronto Chapter, Kimberley Seldon, and Cheryl Horne. Having the support of an amazingly talented group of designers and business owners give me the gumption to move forward into 2020 with fierce confidence & determination!

Every episode is so on point.

DesignerAllison - United States of America

Thank you for sharing all of your incredibly valuable business knowledge. You’re an inspiration and have helped me grow my business and feel more confident. Every episode is so on point. I can’t thank you enough! I am a yearly member and looking forward to taking as many courses as possible to help even more. Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

So Informative!!

Grateful79! - Canada

As a new design business owner, I have been struggling to learn the ropes of running a business and designing for my clients. Kimberley has helped me so much already and I’m only three podcasts in!! So excited to listen to them all and implement all the advice. Thank you for opening up the world of design!!

Once a week isn’t enough!!

Al.G123 - Australia

When I heard Kimberley was launching a podcast I was so excited! I have been a member on her platform Business of Design for about 6 months and I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer in terms of how I think about my business and myself as a business owner. The podcast is awesome to re-affirm everything she teaches on Business of Design and also gives another perspective. The only thing I would change about them is to make them more frequent — once a week isn’t enough!! Thank you, Kimberley and the BOD team for helping me make so many changes in my business and have more confidence as a business owner!

She shares real-life lessons, gives wise counsel

Jill Pulver - United States of America

I was already a big fan of Kimberley Seldon’s Business of Design website with so many helpful courses to support designers. I’ve learned so much from her about how to start and run my own business- the practical tips that are not part of my design school curriculum. She shares real-life lessons, gives wise counsel, and encourages us all to be better. The podcast makes learning even more convenient. Thank you so much, Kimberley!