It’s all SO easy to apply

Jenny Neilson - Perth, Ontario

Thank you! I just started BOD™ and can’t get enough. I could spend forever on here – there is so much to learn and it’s all SO accessible and easy to apply and understand.

We are all stronger

Justine Sterling - Melrose, MA

I cannot thank you enough for helping bring us together through Business of Design™. We are all stronger business entrepreneurs because of BOD™ and our little “boss” tribe.

I love this process

Nikki Klugh - San Diego, California

With the help of Aysun and BOD™’s Consultation Sales Training, I successfully implemented a new client onboarding system. My salesperson takes the discovery call and books the paid initial consultation instead of me. I can then close the bigger contract with a defined scope of work. I love this process of bringing in new clients. My booking person has already closed 2 out of 3 inquiry calls just this week.

I am so impressed

Laura Martin Bovard - Oakland, California

I am so impressed with all that you’ve done in our industry! I so wish I had a BOD™ when I was first starting. Would have changed everything!

I am so grateful

Karen Moorman - Muncie, Indiana

Kimberley, I am so grateful for all the work you have done and continue to do for all of us. When I look back at my business and how it has grown over the years, I have utmost gratitude for being in the right place at the right time and hearing you speak at Design Camp at LVMKT.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and insight and for helping me  (and so many others!!!) run a successful business.

10 Times More Information!

Fiona Jack - Victoria, Australia

Please let Kimberley know she has added so much more to the BOD™ 15 Steps that we’ve gone from driving a Mercedes to a Ferrari. A Mercedes is lovely but a Ferrari will get you there faster. I’d done all the steps before, but can testify that designers need to consider doing them again or they’re missing out on accelerating their business quickly and painlessly. There’s 10 times more information there now, and it’s really clear (if you weren’t sold before) on why you need to follow all the steps and not waste time making up your own workarounds.

I am loving the new content!

Lindsay Kjellberg - Modesto, California

I just wanted to say thank you thank you for all of your hard work over there at BOD!  I am loving the new content!  Before finding the podcast I didn’t know what a PnL was, & my consultations were free.  Last year my profit increased by $20k only from charging for consultations! That has almost doubled this year, even with 3 months not providing consultations!  It is all so exciting and motivating.

Thanks for everything you do at BOD™

Jodie Carter - Sydney, Australia

Thanks for everything you do at BOD™. You are all the most incredible people and like angels sent from heaven to all of the interior designers in the world!!

Really impressed with the value

Fiona Jack - Victoria, Australia

I am really impressed with the value I’m getting from my membership. Not only the boot camp and recovery process but all the courses. There’s a lot of people out there with a lot less experience charging a lot more for their advice.

BOD™, you changed my life

Deborah Hayden - Nashville, Tennessee

BOD™, you changed my life. I paid for three months’ coaching and used what I learned to triple my profitability. What I am like now, in January, is like night and day from the life I had in November.