WEEK #3 Bootcamp – There is a solution featured image

WEEK #3 Bootcamp – There is a solution

July 18, 2016

When we are in the middle of a problem or we feel defeated by situations beyond our control it’s so easy to think there’s nothing that can help. Sometimes we feel that we’ve tried everything. The fact is: there is a solution to every problem…even if you aren’t sure what it is right now. Take action. Try something—try anything—don’t give up. Have the courage to take the steps that will lead to a solution.

Your Week #3 Assignment: This week’s assignment is to find a course that speaks directly to your number one issue. You might have several challenges you need to resolve. That’s ok. Most of us do. But select the one issue/problem/complaint that is giving you the most trouble and focus on that. We have more than 100 courses, and one of them is just what you need.

Peruse the list of courses and select the one you think will answer your questions. If you need help finding a course, let us know!

Kimberley’s recommendation: It’s summer, you’re busy and may not be spending your time in front of a computer. So get out there, but keep learning. Check out the Mistakes Happen BOD To Go audio course.

Next Step: Today, schedule time in your calendar to take the Business of Design online course that speaks to you. And, put BOD To Go in the car!