Sophisticated Touches

Designer Kimberley Seldon transforms a country house south of Creemore from merely great to downright stunning. Featured in On the Bay Magazine by Judy Ross, photography by Derek Trask. The house settles into the folds of the land at the end of a long, curving driveway. Tall trees surround it, forming a leafy canopy that can […]

Maximizing Small Spaces

The One Percent Guys asked 10+ Interior Designers to share their best tips for maximizing small spaces. Here’s what Kimberley had to say: “Unlike a large home where you can ‘hide’ furniture and accessories you’re not fond of, everything in a small space is on display. Never rely on builders’ plans to purchase furniture and […]

The Humble Pillow

12 steps to creating one little pillow   Interior design looks easy? HA! Ever waited in vain for a repairman to arrive or had difficulty reaching a live customer service rep when something’s broken? A design professional deals with such stresses daily so the client doesn’t have to.   The work design and decorating professionals do […]

Which do you prefer?

Frame Up When it comes to grouping artwork, which do you prefer? Matching frames for a unified look? (above) Or… Mix and matching frame styles and colors? How do you frame it, designers? Photos from Dabble Magazine.

White on!

There’s nothing like the all-white interior. White is pristine, beautiful and calming. But choosing the right white? Where to begin? Samantha Pynn asks some of her designer friends to weigh in on their fave white paint colour.  White On! Designers, what’s your fave white? Tell us on Facebook and your answers could end up in […]

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