Exciting Changes to Business of Design™ Membership

We have some exciting improvements and updates coming to Business of Design™ membership. Thank you for your support and encouragement—you are the reason we keep improving our own systems and content. Team BOD has been hard at work to develop new courses and we’ve recently launched Hiring Practices, which allows you to use Kimberley’s step by step […]

NEW Member Directed Courses

Business of Design member, Mehnaz Malik, had questions after watching the course Building an A Team. Specifically around the Resource Guide to Excellence (RGE) – that’s the contract Kimberley asks every one of her trades to sign before working with her design firm on a project. So we’re introducing Member Directed Course. In this course, Mehnaz asks the […]

Listen in | Kimberley talks BOD on Style + Design Podcast

Starting and running your own business can get pretty messy when you have to figure everything out on your own. But what if you could learn from others’ mistakes instead? Kimberley Seldon is here with us today to share some of the messy bits she’s had to deal with in her design business, how she […]

BOD Hotline – We’re Listening

Want to be part of the podcast? Call our BOD Hotline at (416) 780-9187 ext. 107 and get in on the action. Give us your comments, your ideas, YOUR opinion! We’re listening.

Thank you to our Suppliers!

We love our Business of Design community, but we also love those suppliers, manufactures and retailers who support us. We can’t do our jobs without these key suppliers. As the business owner, it’s important that we acknowledge our trades and suppliers on a regular basis, pointing out all that goes right on projects. Of course, […]

NEW Course | Expanding the Client Relationship

Congratulations. You have a client that you really love. You are an ideal fit.  Perhaps you’ve already successfully completed a project together and you want to keep the relationship alive so you’ll be top of mind when the next job comes around. Or, you’re in the middle of a small project, it’s going well and […]

Let’s make 2017 your best year yet!

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 months or 30 years, we’re glad you’re here. As a community we have the power to build a thriving industry that benefits each and every one of us. However, like the oxygen mask that falls from the overhead compartment in a flight emergency, we have to attend to our own […]

Get Kimberley’s Contract

I meet so many designers who say, I don’t need a contract, I trust people. Or, yeah, I have a contract but I don’t always use it. Or, they have a contract but they allow their clients to make changes to it. Or, they have a contract but it’s different every time. I have one […]

NEW Course | Charging for Services: Hourly Fees

Deciding what course to take next? Check out one of the original (and most popular) Business of Design courses. Charging for Services: Hourly Fees has been completely revised and updated. If you’ve already taken this key foundational course, it’s worth a second watch.  

The Doctor is in!

In this three part course, Dealing with Difficult Clients, our fave psychologist, Dr. Ganz Ferrance offers a three-pronged approach to dealing with difficult people—clients, suppliers, trades, or anyone. Make a cup of tea and prepare for some healthy self-talk.

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