Business of Design® Podcast is unique, because it’s hosted by an interior design professional who is actively practicing (real clients and real budgets) and wildly successful. Isn’t that who you want advice from if you are a professional interior designer, decorator, stager, stylist, landscaper, architect or other creative professional? We know this business is hard, but there is a way to be successful—the Business of Design® way!

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EP 344 | Collective Wellbeing with Jessica Lackey

October 3, 2023

Interior design business owners are frequently focused on client facing experience, and that’s important, but your team is having an…


EP 343 | The Office Manager with Hilaire Martin

September 26, 2023

So many design professionals dream of hiring an office manager to, well, manage the office day-to-day. What’s that like? What…


EP 342 | The Stairs with Kimberley Seldon

September 19, 2023

In this solo episode, Kimberley shares a current job frustration. She asks the question, how complicated can it be to…


EP 341 | Get Ideal Clients from Instagram with Darla Powell

September 12, 2023

If you want to gain more from Instagram than praise from fellow designers, than you have to get intentional. Your…


EP 340 | Do More with Lighting with Joe Borress

September 5, 2023

It’s all too evident that many professionals within the design industry are out of step with the latest technology available…


EP 339 | Finding Product with Nicole Lashae Ben

August 29, 2023

The designer’s journey towards mastery is a complicated path. You manage trades, clients, and staff. In addition, for those who…


EP 338 | Publish with Purpose with Courtney Warren

August 22, 2023

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting a design book published and wondered what exactly is involved, then this is your…


EP 337 | Give Back with Susan Wintersteen

August 15, 2023

While giving back is on a lot of designers’ wish lists, many are not yet making the income to pay…


EP 336 | Exploring Tension with Kimberley Seldon

August 8, 2023

None of us wants to live with constant stress, but in this episode, Kimberley explores the upside to a little…


EP 335 | Give & Take with Mary Lou & Marc Fulson

August 1, 2023

Having a business partner sounds like heaven to most solo-preneurs. In this episode, we hear from a husband-and-wife team, who…