There is only one Business of Design™. With BOD™ on-air, now you can meet successful design professionals and listen-in as Kimberley asks all the questions you need answered. No topic is off-limits and you can expect Kimberley to be direct and push for actionable advice.

Business of Design® Podcast is unique, because it’s hosted by an interior design professional who is actively practicing (real clients and real budgets) and wildly successful. Isn’t that who you want advice from if you are a professional interior designer, decorator, stager, stylist, landscaper, architect or other creative professional? We know this business is hard, but there is a way to be successful—the Business of Design® way!

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EP 219 | Envy as Fuel with Kimberley Seldon

April 27, 2021

We all know social comparisons are dangerous. We simply do not have an accurate measuring tool that would allow us…


EP 218 | Measure It, Manage It with BOD™ CFO Larry Goldberg

April 20, 2021

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. So says Business of Design® CFO, Larry Goldberg. Find out why…


EP 217 | Friendly Advice for Emerging Designers with Annie Elliott

April 13, 2021

As a seasoned designer, how can we best support, encourage and inspire the emerging design professionals coming up behind us?…


MO BOD™ 007 | Ann Gottlieb & An Extra Client Meeting, Step 4.5

April 8, 2021
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EP 216 | Persistence Pays with Kate Hougen

April 6, 2021

Every new business owner needs a bit of luck to get started. Sometimes a peer or colleague is willing to…


EP 215 | Direct to Consumers with Adene Lucas

March 30, 2021

Many designers have some type of retail sales component which complements their interior design business. Others are curious as to…


EP 214 | Just Say Yes with Jameelah Davis and Ebonee Clark

March 23, 2021

BOD™ members, Jameelah and Ebonee share how divine (or was it design) intervention brought them together to form their interior…


MO BOD™ 006 | Lindsay, Cathy, Rebecca & Client Dos and Don’ts

March 18, 2021
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EP 213 | Curate your Business with Jennifer Jones, hosted by Laura Martin Bovard

March 16, 2021

Just like you curate your designs, it’s possible to curate your business. Be choosy when it comes to staff, clients…


EP 212 | Reinvention with Gillian Crone

March 9, 2021

What happens when your life gets turned upside down unexpectedly? Dig deeper and try new things… says our guest, BOD™…