EP 022 | Closing The Sale with Aysun Kuck – Part 2

August 21, 2017

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About this Episode

Back by popular demand, Aysun Kuck shares her experience servicing Kimberley’s clients and closing consultation sales. This episode is a continuation of EP 014. You asked for it, here’s Aysun one more time.

In this episode we learn:
– the benefits of practicing fabulous follow up and what that means
– what’s in a lead form
– how to get a budget out of clients
– the sweet spot in terms of timing consultations


Take Aways

Aysun suggests practicing fabulous follow up by keeping a lead form. A lead form is the document that shows you the status of each and every caller to your company.


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Aysun is a Best Practices Sales Coach (specializing in booking interior design consultations and closing the sale) and Intuitive Coach (teaching success strategies) servicing her delighted and successful clients since 1992. For the past 15 years, her primary focus has been in Promotion, Events, Media Partnerships & excellence in Client Services for high-profile clients in the fields of interior design, humour and wellness, celebrity speakers and presenters. She is the creator/facilitator of the popular "Steps to Well Being" workshop as well as a published author. Aysun lives in Toronto. Email: [email protected] Call: (416) 224-5210

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