EP 122 | Earning and Keeping a Client’s Trust with Alex Gourlay

July 22, 2019

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Trust is the elusive ingredient that creates a strong bond between the design professional and his/her client. Clearly defined boundaries and impeccable integrity allow trust to grow as a project moves forward.

In this episode we learn:

  • trust is earned in incremental steps, through integrity and clearly defined boundaries
  • systems create definable benchmarks by which everyone on a project can measure trustworthiness
  • building trust with your clients begins with your website
  • honoring all timelines—written and verbal is essential to building trust
  • make it easy for your clients to reach you
  • ask potential clients why they are renovating/decorating now to uncover the emotional reasons behind the project


Design Intervention

Create a vision for your business and update it often.


Take Aways

Consider video testimonials from clients to add depth and substance to your website.


Thank you to our amazing sponsor!

Alex Gourlay is the owner of Vellum Interiors, a high-end residential interior design studio in Sydney. Founded in 2016, Vellum Interiors has quickly gained a reputation for creating beautiful, feel-good
homes. Alex’s work has been featured in multiple publications such as Australia House & Garden, InsideOut, Home Beautiful and has been featured online in The Local Project, Homes to Love and Interiors Addict. Vellum Interiors was also recognized as a Finalist in the 2019 Dulux Colour Awards.

Alex’s design ethos focuses the character of the houses and clients she works with, with an emphasis on simplicity and laid-back sophistication. She specializes in creating beautiful homes by the harbour or
ocean, that her clients can love for many years.

Alex works with people who are down-to-earth, high-net worth Sydney-siders who have a desire to create a long-term home or holiday home.


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