EP 128 | Install Week – Part 1 with Kimberley Seldon

September 2, 2019

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Business of Design™ provides independent designers, decorators, architects, stagers and landscapers with a systematic approach to client satisfaction. Relying on BOD™ 15 STEP Project Management Strategy to produce Satisfaction by Design™. In this episode, Advocate in Chief and interior designer, Kimberley Seldon shares a week in the life of a project, focusing on STEP 10.

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In this episode we learn:

  • even small projects have an exhaustive list of details to manage
  • there will always be a few holes to fill, so an extra day or two for the process is the difference between success and near-success
  • there is an art to organizing the movers for install days


Design Intervention

Use movers, cleaners and art installers to make you look your professional best.


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