EP 166 | It’s all my Fault with Christie Leu

April 20, 2020

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The surest sign of business maturity is the willingness to take responsibility and ownership for everything that’s happens in your business—especially those things which go wrong. BOD™ member and DC designer, Christie Leu says when there’s a problem, “it’s all her fault,” and that means, she can correct anything that isn’t working.

In this episode we learn:

  • look at jobs that went wrong and find what you could have done to make them better
  • consider how to fix or avoid a problem in the future
  • improve communication with clients and contractors with better written systems
  • be responsible for choosing who to work with and when to walk away


Design Intervention

Not everyone will like you and that’s ok.


We transform homes into sanctuaries for successful professionals and their families in Northwest DC, suburban Maryland and Virginia with the help of our A-team of architects, contractors and designers.  Our attention to detail and expert processes ensure happiness during construction and for many years to come. We merge classical architecture with a contemporary aesthetic and adaptations for a modern lifestyle.

Christie Leu is an artist – turned interior designer who has triplets +2 AND a triplet mom design assistant! For 15 years, Christie made original, functional, fine crafts. After completing several major renovations to a series of her own homes, she turned her expertise with color, composition and organization into an Associate Degree of Applied Sciences in Interior Design with a specialization in Kitchen & Bath Design from Montgomery College. She is now honored and excited to help others through the sometimes daunting and complicated process of home improvements. Christie grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio where she developed an appreciation for wonderful architecture and design. She graduated from Purdue University with majors in French and Psychology and a minor in Art. She currently lives in Chevy Chase with her husband David and their 5 children.


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