EP 176 | Make it Matter with OMFGCO

June 23, 2020

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About this Episode

With any design problem to solve, it’s easy to make it pretty, but hard to make it matter. Choosing visionary clients and beginning every project with a beginner’s mind, allows you to listen to what the client wants and needs and solve for what matters most.

In this episode we learn:

  • say yes to projects that are backed by clients who share similar values to you; pass on those that do not.
  • get clear on what defines success for a project
  • start with a beginner’s mind when researching and gathering information, even if you’ve done similar projects in the past
  • good ideas can come from anywhere.
  • everything is an opportunity—no project goes as planned, so lean into the challenges that come up along the way to find creative solutions that embrace the reality of the situation in an elegant and thoughtful way.


Design Intervention

Our friend, Donald, is the GM at Ace Hotel Portland, and we always admired his ability to run complex operations with multiple teams with very little stress, and we wondered how he did it. He said the secret was simple: lead with generosity. Hire competent people that you trust, and allow them to own their job.




About Fritz Mesenbrink

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Fritz hails from the tiny town of Forks, Washington, the home of evergreens, rain, and the occasional vampire. He cut his teeth as a designer at Wieden+Kennedy’s Portland office, and quietly freelanced with Stumptown Coffee in his downtime. He’s taller than average and frustratingly good at just about everything he does. In 2009, Fritz joined forces with friend Jeremy Pelley to create The Official Manufacturing Company—more affectionately known as OMFGCO—a small but mighty creative studio that believes every decision is a brand decision.

About Melinda Turner

Director of Architecture and Interiors

Melinda grew up in Tuscon, AZ, the home of cacti, sunshine, and the occasional golfer. She spent her formative design years in San Francisco working at award-winning architecture firms, such as WRNS Studio and Aidlin Darling Design; she also operated a solo practice specializing in hospitality and residential design. After 14 years, she flew the coup to Portland, which she unapologetically loves way more. She thinks about contrast more than food and would rather paint shapes on walls than sleep. Melinda leads OMFGCO’s interior design team—more affectionately known as the Department of Interiors.


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