EP 196 | Transformation with Lisa Laliberte-Alle

November 17, 2020

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Transformation is possible. However, working harder at current (and ineffective) methods will never produce the dramatic changes that lead to transformation. For real change, transformative change, start at the beginning and be prepared to abandon old strategies for new.

In this episode we learn:

  • satisfy your existing clients and they’ll do your marketing for you
  • the process for determining a realistic budget is built into the BOD™ 15
  • tell your client what is going to happen at each step along the way
  • create strategies to help you keep in touch with your clients after the project is completed
  • consider showing a completed client binder at the consultation


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About Lisa Laliberte-Alle

Lisa Laliberte-Alle is a full-service interior designer known for the unique soft contemporary interiors, with a European touch, provided to prominent clients in Northern New Jersey and Manhattan.

Lisa got her degree in Interior Architecture in Moscow and then earned NCIDQ certification in the U.S. She has provided complete design and remodeling services to successful professionals and busy families of Moscow, London, New York City and New Jersey.

She is a skilled interior consultant and problem solver who helps residential clients save time, customize their space, find resources, and deal with other challenges. In addition, she is a relocation specialist who assists professionals, moving into the area, with space planning and connecting with local contractors.

Laliberte Interiors LLC offers services ranging from project management and space planning to color consultations and furniture selection. The firm is backed by some of the area’s foremost contractors, builders, architects, painters, window covering specialists, artists, flooring experts and other professionals, as well as an international network of vendors and suppliers.

Lisa, who fluently speaks English and Russian, keeps current on design industry trends by regularly attending conferences and trade shows in Paris and Milan, as well as in the U.S.


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