EP 195 | Set for Success with 3877

November 10, 2020

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How to foster a compassionate—and award-winning—work environment during times of crisis? Business partners Dave Shove-Brown and Dave Tracz say it all comes down to leadership via transparency and vulnerability. 

In this episode we learn:

  • transparency fosters autonomy
  • team members need to know the stakes in order to contribute effectively
  • encourage everyone who works for you to be expert at something
  • everyone has to empty the dishwasher
  • there is no avoiding the role owners play in managing interpersonal relationships
  • when hiring, include an informal opportunity to meet the potential team member
  • corporate culture is a mix of personality dynamics, shared environment and appetite for innovation.


Design Intervention

Always read the newspaper. In other words, be knowledgeable about the world around you, beyond the weather and politics, so that you can carry on a deeper, more meaningful conversation with a total stranger. By doing this, you will be engaged and present and not focused on only making a sale.


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About David Tracz and David Shove-Brown

In the fall of 2010, close friends David Tracz and David Shove-Brown began the process of realizing their decade-old dream of forming a professional architecture and design partnership. With over two decades of experience, the duo developed goals of not only working with clients interested in the design process but also teaming with partners who can help provide the highest levels of design, construction and presentation. After months of planning and development, Washington, D.C.-based //3877 was born.

//3877 is a multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm specializing in restaurant, hospitality, single-family, multi-unit residential, and commercial projects. The award-winning firm has been featured on the Washington Business Journal’s ‘Best Places to Work’ list for three consecutive years, and in 2020, became the first Washington D.C. design firm to become B Corp Certified.


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