EP 277 | Accountability with BOD™ BOSS Members

June 14, 2022

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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a board of directors (B.O.D., see what we did there?) then this is your episode. Kimberley interviews three awesome BOD™ BOSS Members who share tips on how to remain accountable, stay inspired and reach greater heights at every stage of your business.

In this episode we learn:

  • there is no single action that will transform your business—it takes a strategic, multi-pronged approach
  • determine tasks/roles that can be outsourced—it’s impossible to succeed alone
  • the boss gets to choose how the business is set up; you can’t do everything and you’re not a victim
  • find a posse whose ambition and drive matches your own



Justine Sterling says, “Always get paid for your worth and set a high standard for yourself. This helps all of us.”

Tracy Dyck says, “You get to decide what must be done. You have a choice because you are the boss.

Kelly Tivey says, “Surround yourself with strong, positive, likeminded people.”

About Kelly Tivey

Kelly Tivey Interior Design is a full service Interior Design firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. For 35 years, Kelly has been creating highly individualized homes for her clients and their families. Kelly’s team consists of trusted specialists, trade resources, and design and support professionals who all work together to bring clients the absolute best in design and service.


Instagram | kellytiveyinteriors


About Justine Sterling

Justine Sterling Design is a full-service residential interior design studio situated just north of Boston. She launched Justine Sterling Design in 2008, after working in innovative and prestigious hospitality and commercial interiors and architectural firms in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Boston.

Justine Sterling Design’s projects have been featured in many publications such as New England Home magazine, North Shore Home, Modern Luxury Interiors Boston, The Boston Globe, and Boston Home magazine

As one of the leading local interior designers, Justine has built a portfolio of residential projects varying from small, urban condominium redesigns to kitchen renovations to new construction and entire home remodeling endeavors. Today, she resides in the greater Boston area with her husband, two rambunctious children, and one attention-seeking feline friend.


Instagram | justinesterlingdesign

About Tracy Dyck

Tracy’s love for “solving the puzzle” of how people and spaces interact led her to a career in Interior Design. She received a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University and is NCIDQ-certified.

Tracy founded S3 Interior Design in 2003 with the goal of building a company that would not only make a positive impact on the industry, but also the community and the environment. After working on all aspects of building the business, and leading design projects, Tracy has since directed her focus on business development and leadership support. Her mission is to continually improve the client and team experience.


Instagram | s3interiordesign

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