EP 308 | Passionate Pivot with Julie Dasher

January 24, 2023

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When life throws you a curve ball, like getting fired for example, what do you do? Well, according to rug designer, Julie Dasher, you pivot toward your passion. Not only was Julie able to tap into her creative side, but she was also able to channel that previously unexplored side of her personality into a lucrative business. Today, Julie and her husband work side by side with a network of female rug weavers and the intention of helping them earn more money by shortening the supply chain.

In this episode we learn:

  • pursue your passion and the money will follow (provided you also apply your business skills)
  • helping others can give you a sense of purpose
  • everyone is an artist—find your medium
  • visualize your dreams and the universe will deliver
  • persistence pays off



Don’t borrow money to grow your business when you start. Build it organically.

About Julie Dasher

Julie Dasher Rugs creates beautiful custom, world-class quality rugs and has placed them in over 26 countries. With direct links to the weaving communities, and less than typical overhead costs, a unique mark-up opportunity is created for the interior designer. Providing personalized, high-touch service throughout the entire process, the custom rugs are uniquely designed, and then hand-woven in Nepal, India, Turkey or Afghanistan.


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