EP 316 | Lit Up with Genevieve Wild

March 21, 2023

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The right lighting design adds texture, depth, mood, and character to spaces. Even gorgeous fabrics and furnishings fall short of their potential with poor lighting. In this episode, BOD™ BOSS Genevieve Wild discusses why you should never leave your lighting plan up to the electrician.

In this episode we learn:

  • the right lighting makes the space, it is the ‘icing on the cake’
  • always have a considered, intentional lighting design
  • light the features in a room or space, avoid adding lights for the sake of generic light
  • avoid complicated, NASA-like switch panels throughout the house
  • create lighting scenes for maximum impact
  • engage a lighting designer or enlist the assistance of your lighting suppliers
  • don’t leave your lighting plan up to the electrician
  • layer lighting in a space to bring life, depth, mood and character



Put yourself in your client’s shoes when project setbacks happen. Let them know you are sorry they are going through a challenging part of the project.

About Genevieve Wild

After a first career managing the family horse stud and flipping houses, with my then husband. I found myself living in the city with a desire to study in the design field. Lighting piqued my interest and following my lighting studies at the University of Sydney I set up Wildly Illuminating. Driven by the desire to complement and enhance architectural and interior design in high end residences. Whilst tailoring the lighting and its scenes, to cater specifically to each client’s requirements.


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