EP 315 | Client Intake & Experience with Porsche Williams

March 14, 2023

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An efficient and elevated client intake is a critical part of creating a superior client experience. Determining whether the client is ideal for you, requires your focused attention as you seek to answer the potential client’s questions and provide an overview of your firm’s unique value.

In this episode we learn:

  • the principal designer should not be the first person a prospective client speaks to
  • outsourcing client intake elevates your design firm’s status and value to prospective clients
  • common red flags during the client intake
  • saying no to clients that aren’t ideal allows you to say yes to clients that are ideal
  • always collect the consultation payment at the time of booking



Always prepare for growth. Sometimes you have to bring on additional staff before you have the projects to keep them busy. It seems backward, but this approach allows you to have time to properly train and onboard your team so that when new projects and opportunities present themselves, you and your team have the capacity and knowledge to knock it out of the ballpark!



Yes! We are so proud to officially be a BOD™ partner and we’d love to invite your members to experience the benefits of a consistent, streamlined, and elevated client experience with the help of The Prototype. We have 3 service offerings available exclusively to BOD™ Members. TP Delight Gift Strategy session, Client Intake & Experience, and TP Delight Gifting. No matter where you start, you can have confidence that our strategies and services are time-tested and proven for interior design firms.


About Porsche Williams

Porsche isn’t alone in feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done! She’s a mom, wife, entrepreneur, networker, avid tennis fan, wannabe gourmet chef, hostess, sister, friend, and confidant… all the things. That’s why she started The Prototype. Porsche Williams is on a mission to help other busy professionals and luxury service providers have more time with less stress.


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