EP 332 | Hire Right with Jessica Harling

July 11, 2023

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Finding a quality candidate to join your team can be a nerve-wracking experience, says our recruitment expert in this episode. A good fit doesn’t happen automatically. Successful growth is the result of a strategic, multi-step hiring and onboarding process (like the one we teach at Business of Design®!)

In this episode we learn:

  • hiring is a skill, and it requires a process to support it
  • don’t rush to hire a friend, put them through the same process as any other hire
  • a clear job description allows you to focus on the required skills
  • identify the tasks you hate doing and hire someone to do those tasks
  • always have a link to hiring on your website
  • effective training and onboarding is essential for success
  • use a multi-step process to lead to hiring



Positive brings positive.



Check out the on-demand course, BOD™ Hiring Process.

About Jessica Harling

With unwavering conviction, Jessica Harling can break down complex decisions to simplify an action plan. Jessica is the founder of Behind the Design, a People Operations company that enthusiastically collaborates with leadership to build dream teams! From recruiting to training and process development, their intuition for creating strong emotional connections discovers and nurtures rockstar talent with established streamlined processes that impact the company’s bottom line.


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